In our defense, we were tired.

Having just completed sixteen hours (or at least six) of tedious design work for the soon-to-be tricked out Paris by Mouth, Barbra and I were a little glazed. We wanted beer and to eat a little something, but we didn’t want to put on pants. Within these confines, a plan was born: we would taste and compare pizzas from two of the outlets on my street.

Speed Rabbit vs. Domino’s Pizza

The options at both joints, at least in name, are awesome.  Speed Rabbit (which already sounds like a sex toy) has a pizza called Crazy bun’s soufflée. It also has one called Long Island, featuring seafood and mozzerella-cheddar. In the end, we went with Nebraska Beef, which pairs double ground beef and Samurai sauce. This is what we got:

When reading “egg” in the list of ingredients, we couldn’t have guessed that it would be raw, cracked onto an already-undercooked bed of cheese pellets.  It was… difficult to eat.

We had better luck with the Hypnotika from Domino’s, an option that won out over the Beefanatika and the Bacon Groovy. Domino’s version, topped with merguez and crème fraîche, was at least fully cooked. Beyond that, I’m at a loss to say something nice.

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10 Responses to Speed Rabbit

  1. Larry Simpson says:

    I remember seeing both these and, based on your experiment, prefer those little tasty, juicy tater morsels from the street vendor. Nice article, nice idea!!

  2. Anne says:

    I salute your professionalism even though your judgment seems a bit off. Really, you knew how it was going to turn out, right? Next time, you’ll put on your pants and go back to El Nopal.

  3. amy ross says:

    did you ever see my speed rabbit critique? I believe I came to similar conclusions, even more strongly stated.

    god I feel pukey just thinking about.

  4. Franca Bollo says:

    You’re just going to leave us with “Crazy bun’s soufflée”? No description? Cruelty, thy name is Meg!

  5. Franca Bollo says:

    God love Google. I present the Crazy Bun’s Soufflé:
    Sauce tomate, mozzarella-cheddar, jambon, lardons, jaune d’œuf, champignons

  6. Jamie says:

    Thanks alot, Meg. I just gagged up a mouthful of Special K.

  7. Meg says:

    It’s your own fault, Jamie (aka Pink Flamingo Pizza) for not delivering further north!

    I’ll beg it again: Pink Flamingo on the Bassin. Summer 2011. I would be there every day.

  8. Mavis Thunderthies says:

    Speed Rabbit pizza is the pits, and I wouldn’t touch Domino’s with a barge pole, since it’s owned by a far-right crack pot.

  9. Lindsey says:

    At least this removes the need for me to test Speed Rabbit – photo evidence is sufficient! Too bad Caldo Freddo doesn’t deliver, they’re my absolute favorite.

  10. I’m quite the fan of Speed Rabbit’s New York pizza (hamburger, onions and BBQ sauce) when I’m too tired to move at the end of a long tour day.

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