Alain Ducasse held a high fallutin’ market this week inside the luxurious Hotel Plaza Athénée.

Under chic red awnings in a vine-covered courtyard, the polished clients of the hotel and restaurant (plus a few unruly hangers-on like me) assembled to shake hands with the favored producers of Ducasse and chef Christophe Moret. We were also there, make no mistake, for the free samples.

With a camera in one hand (the other clutching a glass of white Burgundy) I moved among the stands nibbling wild strawberries and foie gras. I was also noting (with my fourth hand) the names of these culinary dealers to the throne. After the jump, I’ll tell you who they are and where you can find their products in Paris.

How to Shop Like Ducasse (and score some three-star ingredients for yourself)

Ducasse’s Butter DealerLa Fromagerie Beillevaire (Pascal Beillevaire)
Find it in Paris at: La Fromagerie Beillevaire – 77 rue Saint-Antoine, 75004 (and 8 other locations)

Ducasse’s Salt Dealer: Le Mulon de Pen Bron (Philippe & Florence Constant)
Find it in Paris at Epicerie Beau et Bon – 81 rue Lecourbe, 75015

Ducasse’s Fish Dealer: Produits Noirmoutrins & Vendéens (Joël & Gautier Brunet)
Find it in Paris by ordering online. They offer next-day delivery to any Paris address.

Ducasse’s Olive Oil Dealer: La Tête dans les Olives (Cédric Cassanova)
Find it in Paris at La Tête dans les Olives - 2 rue Sainte Marthe, 75010
Note: Cédric runs a spectacularly fun table d’hôte at lunch and dinner (see reviews herehere, herehere) and will organize group olive oil tastings by request.

Ducasse’s Berry Dealer: La Finca fraises des bois (Jean-Claude & Rolande Most)
Find it in Paris at La Grande Epicerie – 38 Rue de Sèvres, 75007
Note: these were taken from the Marché Ducasse and consumed, along with a bottle of Lassaigne Champagne rosé, at the lovely Bacchus et Ariane. Life sometimes is very sweet.

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