I’m a little in love with Jamie and Marie.

Since 2004, this Franco-American couple has been raising some of the coolest restaurants (and children) in Paris. Outposts of their Pink Flamingo pizza empire open unerringly in the neighborhoods that need them most – places filled with broke hipsters, post-punk parents, and picnic lovers of every stripe.

However much I love a three course meal at bistros like Frenchie and Paul Bert, I am just as often looking for something cheap and fun. Pink Flamingo has filled that void, providing a brilliant option when there’s a large group (or one of indeterminate size), including people who are otherwise difficult to accommodate: parents with kids, vegetarians, friends with no money, and those who aren’t hungry but want to hang out. The vast majority of Paris restaurants require that we book a small table many days in advance and eat several courses for +30€. They don’t tolerate, for reasons that I understand, variations from this ideal. Pink Flamingo accommodates life.

Their latest offspring – the restaurant at 23 rue d’Aligre – was presented to the world at an opening party Monday night. Pouring free Champagne and passing out hot pizza to friends and neighborhood passersby, Jamie and Marie were the picture of generosity. We stopped by and nibbled a few slices of the Basquiat (gorgonzola, fig, jambon cru) and the Obama (grilled bacon with pineapple chutney) while balancing our wine on the hood of a parked car.

It was delicious, messy, and fun – just as I like it.

Pink Flamingo Paris

Pink Flamingo Berlin

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7 Responses to Pink Flamingo

  1. David says:

    In reference to [Note: David was saddened to see, at PF's opening party, that his beloved Café Aouba (described in both these posts) has closed].

    Pas du tout, ma chèrie! Café Aouba evidently just had some work going on inside. It’s still is open, and is a great place to stand in Paris and watch the world go by…let me know when you want to meet there : )

  2. Meg says:

    Oh, you must be so relieved!

    I crossed out my erroneous note in the post above. Let’s celebrate with a standing espresso soon.

  3. Lou says:

    The neighbours opened another one (again!) and no one told me (again)! thank goodness for your wunderbar website lady :)

  4. MON DIEU!!!
    How have I missed this?
    It sounds just perfect too
    merci carolg

  5. [...] eat pizza by the canal st. martin [...]

  6. Adam says:

    Strangely enough, I’ve never had a Pink Flamingo pizza, despite passing by the place hundreds of times. I must get around to it someday.

    A little question though regarding this new opening – when does another new branch equal the start of a real chain, and when therefore should we fall out of love with a concept that is getting pushed too far beyond the realms of manageable quality control? I’m not suggesting that’s the case here at all, merely throwing the question up in the air!

  7. Jamie says:

    Good question, Adam; one I ask myself all the time…
    My answer up until now is simple: as long as there is a working chef preparing and overseeing the food, we can still love a place. We took the spot at Aligre for its location AND for the fact that it has a huge kitchen (by Paris standards) where I can prepare the base ingredients for the other Pinks. With the extra room and awesome machines I have now I think the pizzas are better than ever.
    There is also a “feeling” thing with chains where they lose that little thing along the way that made them special at the beginning. My wife and I have made a pact that if we start to see this happen at Pink Flamingo we will pull the plug on any new development.
    I count on people like Meg to let me know if this is happening.
    Hope to see you soon,

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