Many who have seen me in recent weeks have been asking, “Meg, how do you stay so curvy?” It’s time to divulge my secret: the all-carb diet.

After posting earlier about the annual competition to name the best baguette in Paris, I began researching a longer article for Budget Travel. By “researching,” I of course mean eating bread. My particular brand of gluttonerdery compelled me to analyze, using a spreadsheet, the performance of bakeries in this competition over several years. I selected the bakeries with the most top ten prizes, and paid them a visit to better understand their carbolicious wares.

The resulting article, The Wheat from the Chaff: the Best Baguette in Paris, is online now. It’s time to start researching my next piece, entitled “The Blubber from the Fool: The Best Detox Diets for Meg.”

Additional links:

  • A goofy Q&A about baguette protocol between me and BT editor Steve Merrill.
  • My Google map of the best baguettes in Paris, which plots the top ten winners from each of the past four years. With more than 6500 views in 30 days, this map represents a clear threat to public health.
  • Some hunger-making photographs from Marie Hennechart in slideshow to accompany the BT article.
  • An account from Phyllis Flick of her experience judging the 2010 baguette competition.
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3 Responses to My All-Carb Diet

  1. Stephanie W. says:

    What a wonderful discovery! So glad your blog was linked from Budget Travel, as I have added it to my feed. Now I will be jealous of you on a daily basis, and I can start making a list of must-dos for my next trip to Paris. Bon app!

  2. John Talbott says:

    Curvy, huuuuuuh.

  3. Meg says:

    Would you accept “pear shaped”?

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