First there was Iñaki Aizpitarte with his musical ode to the slopes. Now Jean-Yves Bordier, maker of my/the world’s favorite butter, has produced his own lip-syncing video.

I may have groaned, when I read about this on Twitter (via @PhyllisFlick via @LouisaChu via @AfarMedia), but after watching it (twice) with morning coffee, I’m now persuaded that every food artisan should make a music video.

Behold for yourself:

The reveal (at minute 2:10) showing Jean-Yves hitting the high note before being carried away on a rolling cart… the sweeping shot (at 3:10) showing him cradling the baby (butter), then running out to a cheering crowd… just, WOW.

This trend needs to continue, obviously, but who’s next?

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6 Responses to La Mélodie du Bon Beurre

  1. Barbra says:

    Consider this my write-in vote for Pierre Jancou.

  2. Franca Bollo says:

    Meg … what is the name of the song?

  3. Franca Bollo says:

    Ah … never mind. I found it: Élu produit de l’année”.

  4. oh my goodness, c’est génial !! :)

  5. adrian says:

    I say David needs to give it a go! I mean he already has a video on his site, but he needs to dance too ;-)

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