My first meal at this restaurant took place many years ago, during my second-ever visit to Paris. I was lucky enough to be staying with friends who lived in Paris and loved to eat – friends who knew about special places like le Bistrot Paul Bert. Memory is patchy, but a few first impressions have stuck with me: the warm and sweetly worn décor, the generous cooking, and the delightful absence of other tourists.

Years later, shortly after moving here, I met a woman at a party who turned out to be the food editor for TimeOut Paris. I asked her, as I’m sure everyone does, to recommend one really special place that I could afford. After a moment of appraisal (in which she might have seen that I was both eager and broke), she decided upon le Bistrot Paul Bert.

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  1. S Lloyd says:

    Could you please elaborate on the food item that appears on that picture. Quickly looks like a creamy soup, but of what exactly? Love the texture with the truffles and eggs. Although I am sure(please correct me if I am wrong) that was not too pleasant to get a taste of that egg once broken in that creamy soup.

  2. Meg says:

    Sure! You’re right that it does look like a soup, but this is actually “oeufs au plat à la truffe noir crèmée.” Eggs sunny side up and bathed in a truffle-flecked cream.

    I understand your hesitation about the egg yolk. I felt the same when I first moved to France and was horrified to find so much “undercooked” egg on the menu. But you know what? It can be really good… especially when quality eggs are used (coming from chickens that are not raised in cages on a diet of “protein meal”). The flavor is so much richer than anything I’d experienced in the United States, although I understand that there are farmers producing quality eggs there as well.

    Long story short, if you’re lucky enough to find yourself staring at a pair of bright orange (healthy) yolks, swallow your fear and dive right in.

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