We food writers are a fairly selfish lot, devoting hours every day to uncovering, experiencing and describing our personal pleasures.

menu-for-hope-2Menu for Hope is our shot at redemption.

Founded six years ago by Pim Techamuanvivit, Menu for Hope has the bright idea to enlist food bloggers in the fight against hunger. The campaign has raised nearly a quarter of a million dollars to support the good work of the UN World Food Programme.

That money comes from you, our readers, who can buy $10 raffle tickets to bid on an array of tasty prizes. My donation is more of a service: you can bid to make make me your personal Paris bitch assistant. For those who are travelling in 2010, I am offering to write a personalized food guide to Paris – one that’s filled with recommendations to match your particular hunger. I’m also offering to help with reservations for those who are afraid to pick up the phone. The full description:

Paris Gastronomic Itinerary

With so much gastronomic potential on the Paris horizon, it can be heartbreaking to find yourself sitting through a less than stellar meal – especially as the declining dollar has raised the prices and stakes for every bite. Help is on the way from Paris-based food writer Meg Zimbeck of MegZimbeck.com, who has written more than 500 reviews of restaurants, cafés, food shops and markets. She will help you to build an edible itinerary for your next Paris visit – one that’s tailor made to match your taste and budget. With your input, she’ll create a personalized printable guide full of options and detailed neighborhood maps. She will also reserve select tables for your dining pleasure. Expiration date is December 31, 2010.

Bid item code: EU30

This current edition of Menu for Hope (VI) has amassed some seriously interesting loot. In addition to signed books from popular authors like Clotilde Dusoulier, David Lebovitz and Alec Lobrano, there are fun prizes like:

  • Dinner for two at Hidden Kitchen
  • Wine and cheese lunch for two from Ô-Chateau
  • Two spaces in any small-group city walk from Context Travel, which include food crawls and market walks in Paris (some led by me).

If you’d like to join us in combatting hunger through hedonism, click here and visit our European host David Lebovitz. He’ll explain the Menu for Hope campaign and how to bid on any of these delectable prizes.

Thanks for playing!


2 Responses to Redemption by Raffle

  1. David says:

    Thanks for offering your expert services! I speak first-hand that some lucky folks will benefit deliciously from your itinerary x dl

  2. adrian says:

    Hi Meg, I just checked Pim’s site and it appears I’ve won your help for my next trip to Paris. Thanks for your donation. How should we get in touch? Email, phone?
    Thanks again, Adrian (Munich, Germany)

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