Today’s challenge as part of the Edible Advent Calendar:

Can you name this treat?

Leave your answer (product/location) in the comments section below. The reader who has accumulated the most victories by December 24 will receive an edible Christmas present from me. I’ll keep your guesses hidden until the answer is revealed tomorrow on Budget Travel, then I’ll publish the comments and name the winner for this challenge.

YESTERDAY’S WINNERS: Y’all love you some éclairs! Plenty of points today for identifying these long and lovelies from Jacques Genin. Full glory to AnneSophieZeva BellelLil, Kelaine and Theresa for naming both the star and the stage. Half a point for to Jamie Samons, Popolon, and Karin for getting it mostly right. The full description of this delicious thing will be appearing later today on the Budget Travel Paris Page.

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12 Responses to Edible Advent: Dec. 6

  1. Hi! I am pretty sure that’s a crêpe from West Country Girl, which you posted about here:

    As far is *which* crêpe, uhhhh, not so certain about that. It looks yummy, though. :)

  2. Anne says:

    Well it’s a galette and cidre. Maybe it’s from the place you reviewed recently Go West Country Girl or from Breizh Cafe in the Marais. (Is that cheating?)

  3. Phyllis says:

    Definitely a Briezh Café crepe with a cup of cider. Maybe the Basque?

  4. Zeva Bellel says:

    Crepe from Breizh café.


  5. Sophie says:

    it’s a galette. possibly a forestière, due to the creamy sauce? and most likely from breizh, since those are the best in paris. somehow i don’t think the new place you wrote about, west country girl, would use those plates. oh, and a bowl of cider, probably brut?

  6. Adam says:

    I’m guessing that must be a galette at West Country Girl.

  7. Jamie Samons says:

    Yum. A crepe (mushroom?) from Breizh Cafe. Want one. Now.

  8. Lil says:

    Oooo galette de sarrasin from Breizh Café? (with bacon, mushroom, egg and cream?)

  9. Theresa says:

    Working from the assumption that this galette au sarrasin comes from Breizh Café, and having been duly stirred by those red flecks and dark slivers, I found the menu online and will take a chance with “La Bretonne” : poêlée de champignons, fromage, oeuf, poitrine grillée, crème fraîche de ferme, piment d’Espelette. How about it?

  10. kara says:

    I’m guessing it’s a crepe from Briezh Cafe along with a cider, but do you need the exact type of crepe? I think I see a mushroom in there somewhere…

  11. Sarah C. says:

    This is a buckwheat galette from Breizh Cafe…yum!

  12. Kelaine says:

    A buckwheat crepe with mushrooms from Breizh Cafe.

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