Today’s challenge as part of the Edible Advent Calendar:

Can you name this treat?

Leave your answer (product/location) in the comments section below. The reader who has accumulated the most victories by December 24 will receive an edible Christmas present from me. I’ll keep your guesses hidden until the answer is revealed tomorrow on Budget Travel, then I’ll publish the comments and name the winner for this challenge.

AnneAn American in LondonSophieSened, Phyllis, Theresa, Amandine, Lisa, Kelaine and Kailey each gained a point for correctly naming the chocolates from Patrick Roger. A few of them (clearly obsessed) even nailed the specific variety. I’m impressed! The full description of this delicious thing will be appearing later today on the Budget Travel Paris Page.

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0 Responses to Edible Advent: Dec. 3

  1. Kelaine says:

    Guimauve from Pain de Sucre. Though I feel they bear little relation to North American marshmallows…

  2. Theresa says:

    Hi again!

    Is it a guimauve (d’été) from Pierre Marcolini??


    PS: at a birthday dinner for Caroline Brothers, as food-related delights came up in the conversation, your name did too and it turned out that the person just to the right of me knew you… I don’t know what her name was but am now wondering whether she might be the pregnant person with whom you tested Rice and Fish recently, as such was indeed her “state” when we met (back in August). End of side-note! :-)

  3. clotilde says:

    Guimauves from Pain de Sucre, no?

  4. Sophie says:

    cheese. or marshmallows. or cheese-flavored marshmallows. from . . .

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