Today’s challenge as part of the Edible Advent Calendar:

After yesterday’s stumper, here’s something easy. Can you name this treat?

Leave your answer (product/location) in the comments section below. The reader who has accumulated the most victories by December 24 will receive an edible Christmas present from me. I’ll keep your guesses hidden until the answer is revealed tomorrow on Budget Travel, then I’ll publish the comments and name the winner for this challenge.

YESTERDAY’S WINNERS: That was a tricky one. Well done and full point to AnneLil and Kelaine for naming the savory tart from Tartes Kluger. Half a point to Sophie for naming the food but not the place. For anyone interested, Le Fooding produced a cute video that shows Catherine Kluger making this particular tart with carrot, coriander and preserved lemon. The full description of this delicious thing will be appearing later today on the Budget Travel Paris Page.

13 Responses to Edible Advent: Dec. 10

  1. Anne says:

    Deep fried ham croquette from L’Avant Comptoir.

  2. Lil says:

    I believe this is Iberian ham croquettes from l’Avant Comptoir.

  3. Amandine says:

    Sont-ce les croquetas de L’Avant Comptoir?

  4. Zeva Bellel says:

    Croquetas from L’Avant Comptoir!

  5. adrian says:

    Oh no! Not Yves iberico ham croquette. Again………..!

  6. Sophie says:

    mmmm, it’s the ham croquette from l’avant comptoir. i had an order on saturday.

  7. Phyllis says:

    The yummy croquettes with Eric Ospital’s jambon Ibaïona from L’Avant Comptoir!

  8. Kelaine says:

    Deep-fried ham croquettes from L’Avant Comptoire.

    I’ve never had one but I can feel the fried goodness all the way in Canada.

  9. laura says:

    jambon croquette from l’avant comptoir. must. go. now.

  10. kara says:

    Ham croquettes from L’Avant Comptoir?

  11. Jamie Samons says:

    Ham croquettes from l’Avant Comptoir?

  12. Theresa says:

    Indeed, relief after the stumper…
    From l’Avant-Comptoir, croquette containing (Ibaiona) ham. Another goal.

  13. Oh riiiight!! I remember reading your post about that here.

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