Photo: Dan Taylor/Flickr

Photo: Dan Taylor/Flickr

When I first moved to Paris, someone told me that French women (in addition to not getting fat) don’t pee. I had also read a book that counseled never to ask for the bathroom in somebody’s home.

Neither of these turned out to be entirely accurate. But it is true that the French are more discreet about the callings of nature. Cultural sensitivities aside, travelers are obliged to make use of the local toilets. So when you gotta go in Paris, your options look like this:

Find a free public toilet. There are public restrooms near the following tourist monuments:

  • Carrousel du Louvre — the world’s greatest museum has a shopping mall beneath it, and that mall contains a bathroom. You’ll find it near the entrance to the Palais Royal-Musée du Louvre Métro station (1st arrondissement).

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0 Responses to Potty Talk

  1. amy says:

    fwiw, the MacDo at Luxembourg requires you to punch in a code for your receipt to use the restroom. bitches.

  2. Meg says:

    Amy’s right – I noticed that on a recent “visit” to MacDo. It’s still possible to steal a wee, you just have to linger by the bathroom door waiting for someone to come out.

  3. Same with many of the Starbucks in Paris; gotta buy something to get the door code to the loo.

    I am a big fan of just walking into any cafe like I belong there, and using the facilities. I’ve yet to have anyone give me a hard time about it. Best places to do this are the ones with a terrasse; the folks working inside have no idea that you haven’t been sitting out there the entire time.

    FYI, I love eating at Polidor in the 6th for its “old Paris ambiance” and its a favorite of my husband, but unfortunately that ambiance also extends to their one and only toilet: TURKISH.

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