Spring (Paris)A few months ago, I interviewed Daniel Rose for United’s Hemispheres magazine. During the two hours we spent together, his phone rang about 47 times. It wasn’t a good thing, he explained, because those callers wanted… a reservation. Rather than pick up and tell the would-be suiters that Spring was booked four months in advance, he mostly ignored the phone.

When he did answer, I could tell from his face that there a lot of begging going on. “I’m sorry (Ambassador… Mr. Editor… Mom) but there’s just nothing I can do…” “That phone,” he later told me, “is the enemy of joy.”

Shortly thereafter, he closed Spring with a plan to reopen around the corner from the Louvre. Unsurprisingly, that address has been wrapped up tightly in red tape, and it will be months before clients can descend down into its 16th century cave.

In the meantime, Rose has retreated to his original restaurant in the 9th. He announced quietly on the blog that he’ll once again be taking reservations. So anybody who’s been dying to try Spring but couldn’t face the half-year wait should call today… like, seriously, right now.

The most exciting part of his post, however, was this:

“Next Saturday, May 30th we are starting a new formula at SPRING. Service all day [on Saturday]… no reservations. Champagne, cold beer and LOBSTER SANDWICHES. Just what you always wanted during an economic crisis – a pricey luxury sandwich and enough cheap booze to help you forget about it. Call ahead and order live lobsters to go at cost + 5 eurobucks”

Lobster rolls and beer, with no phone reservations… could Daniel Rose actually be having fun?

Update: Spring reopened in July 2010 around the corner from the Louvre. A collection of reviews on the new Spring Restaurant can be found on Paris by Mouth.

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  1. [...] As promised, Daniel Rose hosted an indoor picnic de luxe last Saturday at Spring restaurant in the 9th. On the menu: lobster rolls, duck-fat french fries (a nod to Hot Doug’s?) and some very cold house champagne. [...]

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